Monday, March 21, 2016

Cosmic Weather Forecast for March 21, 2016

All day today the Moon is in the analytical, detail oriented, emotionally reserved Earth sign Virgo.  With a focus on critical thinking as well, this is very useful lunar energy with which to begin the work week.  In addition, today features a variety of lunar contacts that, while challenging at times, could bring a productive outcome at days end.  
To start off our morning, the Moon’s interaction first with Neptune around sunrise, followed buy a contact with Venus soon after, could bring our feelings and emotions to the surface, as well as heighten sensitivity, especially around relationship concerns.  If this occurs, it’s important not to project any difficulties onto others, or take anything discouraging to heart.  
Around sundown and soon after this evening, Luna’s interaction first with Saturn, then Jupiter and Pluto, could first create a more serious tone to end the afternoon, but also include a more more positive and hopeful outlook as well.  The end result could have us more in touch with our feelings, and relating them to others for the better as a result.
By the way, also featured late this afternoon is Mercury’s passage out of the creative, imaginative, idealistic, at times confused or spaced out Water sign Pisces, and into the assertive, fast moving Fire sign Aries.   So for the next couple of weeks, we’ll likely be more inclined too speak our mind, be quick in thought and speech, and a bit more active overall. It’s important to avoid being blunt, outspoken, or argumentative, offending others as a result.  Being confident, enthusiastic, and self expressive in words and action, is the best use of Mercury/Aries energy.
Finally, this week features a slowing down of the planet Saturn, with him ultimately turning retrograde Friday morning.  It’s possible life may appear to move more slowly over the coming days.  During this time, a realistic assessment of how to use our time more efficiently is called for.  Patience, and an unhurried approach to responsibilities, is a good use of the naturally cautious Saturn temperament.